Company Bio


Principal Broker: H. ALAN WELLES, CCIM, CAM

Principal Broker, Commercial Real Estate Broker Certified Commercial Investment Member, Community Association Manager

HAWRE was established in 2000 by H. Alan Welles with the intentions of becoming an industry expert in commercial properties in Palm Beach County while assisting owners of commercial properties lease and sell commercial assets. The personal goal of the owner was to gain the knowledge and experience while accumulating cash to purchase his own properties. In less than five years HAWRE had grown from a one-person company to about 10 associates and staff.

In 2004 our Principal Broker had become a CCIM and was recognized as an expert in his field and the company had generated enough net revenue that allowed Alan to Purchase his first commercial property. By 2009 HAWRE had grown to about 50 people including associates and staff with over 200 listings in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. However, as the company grew Alan realized he would have to spend more time managing a brokerage firm and less time to spend on purchasing assets where Alan had an equity stake in the commercial holdings. At that time, it was decided to downsize the brokerage business and focus on being a principal investor and forming groups to acquire commercial properties.

By 2014 there were only a few associates and staff remaining at HAWRE and Alan was focusing on both his own properties as well as 3rd party clients. This was profitable and hard to downsize as the principal broker was a deal junkie and did not want to turn down business even though his efforts and resources were better spent doing deals as a principal.

In 2017 HAWRE was a true mom and pop business with a great reputation and established brand. At that point, all that was left was Alan and his wife Vas. Today the company is still just comprised of husband and wife owning several commercial properties and self-leasing, managing, acquiring and selling owned holdings. The company is now solely focused on managing existing holdings and acquiring new holdings.

As we move forward our vision is primarily focused on acquiring abandoned or underutilized properties. After the purchase, we focus on restoring the building to their original purpose of providing suitable locations for local business owners and the community service of providing jobs as well as a place to shop for products and services.


In Addition to renovations of properties and providing a new workplace and store for local businesses we strive to uplift the look of local neighborhoods. Our goal is to increase values of our properties and surrounding properties. We have been successful as a pioneer by improving buildings in areas that have been forgotten for decades where there has been minimal construction or renovations to increase curb appeal and neighborhood pride. 

Objective 1: Convert old dilapidated structures into attractive and desirable commercial business locations. Improve the curb appeal and look of a neighborhood one building at a time. Provide a sign of progress to all who see the location.

Objective 2: Convert vacant or run-down properties into modern and beautiful buildings. Provide local entrepreneurs an affordable opportunity to open their own businesses. Creation of jobs for local residents as well as providing desired products and services in the neighborhood.