Group Sponsors

If you desire to be a passive equity investor while obtaining above market return on investment than this option may be suitable for you. Partner with our broker who also holds an equity position in hand-picked projects and sit back while all the services are done by a successful commercial real estate veteran with 20+ years of experience.

Leasing and Sales

Providing current and future small business owners with a quality product and a fair price in their market to lease. We target specific business owners that benefit from the property for their business operations, this also adds value to our other clients on the property through proven performance. We acquire properties that are distressed in one way or another. We add value to neighborhoods by creating business opportunities and jobs for the community while adding value to the asset.

Landlord Representation (Only on equity position holdings)

Applying aggressive multi-channel marketing for maximum exposure to prospective tenants including internet, multiple commercial information exchanges, email, mass mail and leveraging our network of relationships in relentless pursuit of qualified tenants.

Property Management (Only on equity position holdings)

Professionally overseeing and reporting income, expenses, tenant and vendor activity and local market conditions giving owners the tools needed to make the most empowered decisions to mitigate risk and increase income.

Valuation Services and Consulting

Executing expert analysis to assist our clients in tracking the value of their investment through the life of their holding(s) or just a snapshot in time to provide the most strategic investment decisions.

Community Outreach

Executing needed assistance to our clients to help them establish a business. We provide insight and advice to enhance the value of their investment. We also perform numerous charitable donations to communities we work within. Alan has been given a Key to the City and a Plaque of Recognition from the City of Riviera Beach for his generous donations to the youth of the city and his contributions throughout the years. Thousands of dollars are spent annually on charitable donations, primarily for underprivileged children.